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Unihoc TeXtreme - Das leichteste Stick der Welt!


Unihoc, the Swedish producer of a floorball equipment, has introduced the lightest stick in the world called TeXtreme. By producing the stick of the weight 183 grams Unihoc pushed off the current leader Fatpipe 100G of 8 grams! If we look at the shaft the difference is even higher – 11 grams (Unihoc shaft weighs 85g, Fatpipe shaft weights 94g). Let's have a look on the stick and its weight by detail:

  • Cap plate – 1g
  • End cap – 5g
  • Grip – 18g
  • R. Ring – 1g
  • Shaft – 85g
  • Screws – 1g
  • Blade – 72g

The sticks from TeXtreme series are equipped with a pre-curved blade Unity or with a classic blade RePlayer, which is an updated version of the bestseller blade Unihoc Player. What is the difference between Player and RePlayer? At the first sight it is not easy to find out, but we are going to reveal them right now. The heel part RePlayer is reinforced giving it the appearance of a newer blade and also has a better stability. The concavity and the hook shape is same as a blade Player.

Fans of the light sticks have to wait for a while. The new stick will be released to floorball specialist shops during June 2015 and will be officially introduced in the new collection for a season 2015/2016.

Here is a sneak peak from UnihocTV, where you can see the differences in carbon fibres and a technology of the structure, which has been used at this stick by a TeXtreme technology.

We can only believe that Unihoc made steps against breaking of the sticks. When someone purchases a Ferrari or any other sports car, sometimes it happens that a producer tries to get from its car as much as possible, but during this process other aspects of the the development can be undervalued. We are looking forward to try the Unihoc TeXtreme blade in a real game!;-)

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